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Body Bei! Bei! Bei!


In the heart of Santa Maria Island, the “Bei! Bei! Bei!” bodysuit embodies a remarkable tale of resilience. In the 16th century, the Azores faced relentless pirate attacks, with Santa Maria suffering the most. The islanders developed a unique warning system, and Pirate Bei was one of their most notorious adversaries.

When lookouts spotted his approaching ship, they’d cry, “Here comes Bei! Here comes Bei!” This signaled imminent danger, and islanders would protect their homes and kindle fires on hills to warn others.

While Pirate Bei eventually vanished, his name lived on as an exclamation used to express fear, astonishment, or admiration. This bodysuit is a tribute to this enduring legend and a promise to carry Santa Maria’s resilient spirit forward. Made of 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly inks, it’s not just clothing; it’s a connection to history and a symbol of island heritage for your little one.

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3/6, 12/18

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